Attaching & Removing in Seconds from: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Plastic, Stainless Steel or  Glass Using the Super-Sticky Polyurethane Full Sticky Base Unit

To Attach the Hindsight Unit to any Smooth, Dry, Clean Surface          (As You Can See.......It is Done in Seconds!)

  1. First, with the press of a button, turn on the Sensor Head and attach the Sensor Head to the Base
  2. Press the whole unit firmly to the desired surface and wriggle it while pressing firmly
  3. You're done.
  4. The Hindsight is Secure and Operational
  5. It's That Easy!!

To Detach the Hindsight Unit

  1. Unlock and remove the sensor head by sliding to the right
  2. Pull out the Removal Lever on the Base Unit and grip it firmly with your left hand
  3. Place your the fingers of your right hand in a prying position on the right side of the Base Unit
  4. With a firm and continuous motion, peel the base away from the attached surface using both hands
  5. The base unit detaches with a peeling motion and leaves no marks or residue
  6. It's That Easy!!

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